Collision Avoidance Radar System (CARS) Generation Two

Our Proprietary VTS system, deployable for a variety of use cases from Oil and Gas, Defence and Port Control Systems.

Marcom Watson has developed its proprietary Collision Avoidance System for use in ports, offshore stations and within defence installations.

CARS Gen II allows interfacing with a variety of sensor systems ranging from AIS, Radar and CCTV to provide the clearest overview of port operations possible.
CARS Gen II can work with almost any radar system and can be paired with CCTV systems from companies such as FLIR.
CARS Gen II displays targets, both aerial and maritime using conventional displays overlaid onto a variety of display options. These include Street Maps, Satellite Maps or Nautical charts.
Marcom Watson has developed CARS GEN II with the ability to scale from small ports right up to medium and large commercial hubs. This ease of scalability affords as flexible price point, depending on the complexity of the solution required.