Port Control and Vessel Tracking Systems

Port Control Systems, Vessel Tracking Systems and Pilot Systems for any sized port.

Marcom Watson has developed and deployed VTS systems for small to medium ports. This system is able to receive data from Radar systems, AIS and other sensor packages.

Using our lateset generation CARS II software we now bring this information to a variety of different displays based on organisational needs.
This includes overlaying targets and important nautical information over Satellite, Street or Nautical charts.
Marcom Watson is always innovating. So if there is a specific request, please include it in your enquiry and we can determine how to fit it into your customised solution.
Marcom Watson has developed CARS GEN II with the ability to scale from small ports right up to medium and large commercial hubs. This ease of scalability affords as flexible price point, depending on the complexity of the solution required.
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