Motion Reference Systems

Kongsberg - Kongsberg Seatex HMS100

The Kongsberg Seatex Helideck Monitoring System (HMS100) integrates a motion sensor with weather station sensors to monitor landing conditions for helicopters on platforms such as Oil Rigs and FPSO's and provides a warning if conditions are outside legal safety parameters.

For more information on the HMS100 follow the "Visit Website" link to the Kongsberg web site below.

Kongsberg - Kongsberg MRU-5 Plus

MRU 5+ motion reference unit. Includes three axes high quality MEMS rate gyros and linear accelerometers.

Kongsberg - Kongsberg Seatex Seapath 300 Series

The new Seapath 300 Series Heading Attitude and Positioning Sensor replaces the earlier Seapath 200 Series.

Kongsberg manufactures the Seapath 300 with MRU-5, Seapath 300+ with MRU-5plus and the Seapath 320 and 320+ with combined GPS/Glonass

Kongsberg - Motion and Heading Sensor Products

Click on the "Visit Website" web link below to Brochures and Data Sheets for a range of Kongsberg Seatex products, including Motion Reference Units, Seapath position,attitude,time & heading sensors plus Vessel Motion Monitoring.

Kongsberg - Kongsberg Seatex MRU Motion Reference

Kongsberg Seatex manufacture a range of Motion Reference Unit's (MRU's) from the 2 axis MRU D for roll and pitch measurement to the high precision MRU 5  with a roll and pitch accuracy of 0.02 Deg RMS